- MOON LANDER: Hour Of Code -

Code solution for Code Monkey. Moon Lander. On this page, I post a video of my solutions for this course.

In 17 challenges, students will be learn the basics of Python and chatbot programming.
Students 12+ will learn about the power of gravity and better understand thrust force.
Students will code in Python, a programming language that has easy syntax and is widely used in the real world.
Students will master keyboard user-interface and game mechanics.
Moon Lander: Hour Of Code (Intermediate)

Walkthrough EXERCISE 1-17

Moon Lander: Hour Of Code

In the game, you will use code and 6-9th grade Physics concepts in order to help land a spaceship safely land on the moon.
Moon Lander: Hour Of Code (Intermediate) (Exercise's 1-17)
File (.txt) with codes of solutions of all levels "Moon Lander: Hour Of Code"
A demo file (.pdf) with code solutions to several levels of "Moon Lander: Hour Of Code" (for example)

File name: moon-lander-course-demo.pdf


Code Monkey (Moon Lander: Hour Of Code) - answers, walkthrough

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