- Frogger Game Creation Course WALKTHROUGH -

Code solution for Code Monkey. Text Coding - Intermediate. On this page, I post a video of my solutions for this course.
Frogger: Game Creation Course (Intermediate)

Walkthrough EXERCISE 1-30

Frogger: Game Creation Course

You will learn how to build a Frogger game that you can then control using touch interface. You will then be able to play and share your game on any smartphone or tablet.
Frogger: Game Creation Course (Intermediate) (Exercise's 1-30)
File (.txt) with codes of solutions of all levels "Frogger: Game Creation Course"
A demo file (.pdf) with code solutions to several levels of "Frogger: Game Creation Course" (for example)

File name: frogger-course-demo.pdf


Code Monkey (Frogger: Game Creation Course) - answers, walkthrough

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