- CODING CHATBOTS: Python Course -

Learning Python Through Programming a Chatbot in more than 70 coding exercises. Python is a general-purpose, versatile and popular programming language.

Need to guess the correct letters in a secret word.
Conditionals, Variables, Loops, String Manipulation, Data Structures, Server-side programming, classes and conditional execution.
Coding Chatbots: Python Course (Advanced)

Walkthrough EXERCISE 1-74

Coding Chatbots: Python Course

In more than 70 coding exercises, you will learn the popular programming language of Python as you play a word guessing game with a chatbot interface.
Coding Chatbots: Python Course (Advanced) (Exercise's 1-74)
File (.txt) with codes of solutions of all levels "Coding Chatbots: Python Course"
A demo file (.pdf) with code solutions to several levels of "Coding Chatbots: Python Course" (for example)

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Code Monkey (Coding Chatbots: Python Course) - answers, walkthrough

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