Code Monkey - HOW IT STARTED...


Code Monkey. There is a wonderful website where you can start learning programming in a fun way.
To get started, you are given free, about 30 levels to try your hand, you only need to register on the site.
I decided to try my hand at that time I was 8 years old.
I passed all the free levels and I liked it. I wondered if I could go further...
My parents paid me a subscription for a year and I continued... sometimes it was difficult, but interesting.
I had no experience in programming and had to understand everything on my own.
I tried to pass all the levels for three stars - and I almost succeeded, but the subscription had to be extended)
In some schools, students take this program in their classes with teachers and they have someone to ask for help.
In our school there are no such courses.
From the experience I know how sometimes it is difficult to find the right solution, so I wanted to share my solutions with those children who are engaged in this course, like me, that they could make out my decisions and understand why I did it, and maybe find solutions better than me.
I recorded a video of the Code solution for Code monkey and posted it on site.

I wish you all good luck and patience!

Coding Games for Kids (Code Monkey, CodeMonkey, PlayCodeMonkey, קוד מנקי, コードモンキー, コードラッシュ, كود منكي)
Code Monkey - Coding Games for Kids

Walkthrough for All CHALLENGE's!


I offer all solutions for:
Coding Adventure (Story mode Challenges + Skill challenges), Platformer Course, Frogger Course, Sprite Animations, Game Design Course, Chatbot Course, Dodo Does Math Courses (Distances, Angles, Multiplication, Hour Of Code), CodeMonkey Jr., Beaver Achiever, Space Adventure, Game Creation Course, Trivia Chatbot, Coding Chatbots, Moon Lander, Hour Of Code.

Code monkey: Block Coding

CodeMonkey Jr.: Pre-Reading Block Coding (Novice)
Beaver Achiever: Sequencing & Simple Loops (Beginner)
Beaver Achiever: Conditional Loops (Beginner)
Beaver Achiever: If / Else Conditions (Beginner)
Beaver Achiever: Hour Of Code (Beginner)

Code monkey: Text Coding

Coding Adventure: Part I: Fundamentals (Beginner)
Coding Adventure: Part II: Functions & Conditions (Beginner)
Coding Adventure: Part III: Logic & Events (Beginner)
Skill Mode: Part I: Fundamentals (Beginner)
Skill Mode: Part II: Functions & Conditions (Beginner)
Skill Mode: Part III: Logic & Events (Beginner)
Space Adventure: Hour Of Code (Beginner)
Platformer: Game Creation Course (Intermediate)
Frogger: Game Creation Course (Intermediate)
Sprite Animations: Game Creation Course (Intermediate)
Game Creation Course: Hour Of Code (Intermediate)

Code monkey: Python

Banana Tales: Part I: Python Fundamentals (Intermediate)
Banana Tales: Part II: Advanced Topics (Intermediate)
Coding Chatbots: Python Course (Advanced)
Trivia Chatbot: Hour Of Code (Advanced)

Code monkey: STEM

Dodo Does Math: Distances (Beginner)
Dodo Does Math: Angles (Beginner)
Dodo Does Math: Multiplication (Beginner)
Dodo Does Math: Hour Of Code (Beginner)
Moon Lander: Hour Of Code (Intermediate)


I offer you the variants of my solutions only for example and I hope that you will get your experience in programming. I understand that not all my decisions are perfect, but be lenient - I took the whole course without an assistant and I was only 8 years old at that time!
Coding Games for Kids (Code Monkey, CodeMonkey, PlayCodeMonkey, קוד מנקי, コードモンキー, コードラッシュ, كود منكي)
Code Monkey - Coding Games for Kids

Code Monkey - answers, walkthrough

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